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Financial Crisis Litigation

In the wake of the current worldwide financial crisis, corporations and individuals have turned to Stone & Magnanini LLP attorneys for counsel regarding potential legal responses that may be warranted in today’s challenging business, financial and regulatory atmosphere.

As in all our practice areas, Stone & Magnanini draws upon the breadth and depth of our attorneys’ litigation experience and knowledge to enable us to quickly comprehend, evaluate, and analyze complex business and legal issues, and formulate effective and efficient strategies for our clients to achieve practical business results in a timely manner.

With the federal and state governments increasing their influence over and regulation of the business world, our attorneys’ breadth of experience on “both sides” of government investigations and enforcement activity brings our clients a unique perspective and the ability to work with, and not just against, government agencies and officials in addressing issues of concern.

Matters we have handled relating to the financial crisis include:

  • Counseling victims of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme as to their potential legal recourse
  • Advising institutional and individual investors regarding losses sustained as a result of the collapse of the credit and equity markets