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We bring to bear the finest legal minds in the business…

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  • Stephen M. Greenberg (Of Counsel). Mr. Greenberg is also Of Counsel to the firm of McElroy Deutsch Mulvaney & Carpenter LLP which maintains offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado. Mr. Greenberg advises the firm on corporate matters.
  • Mark Berson, Fidelco Capital Group (Of Counsel). Mr. Berson is an attorney and successful real estate developer who advises the firm on complex real estate matters, corporate matters and other related issues.
  • David Boies, III (Of Counsel). Mr. Boies is also a partner in the law firm of Strauss & Boies LLP which maintains offices in Alabama, Virginia, California, Tennessee and Colorado. He advises the firm on plaintiff’s class action and antitrust issues.
  • Irwin Burzynski (Of Counsel). Mr. Burzynski is an experienced litigator with over thirty years experience litigating and trying cases in Federal and State Courts.

Of Counsel

  • Stephen M. Greenberg
  • Mark Berson
  • David Boies, III