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Firm Background

Stone and Magnanini (“SM”) is a firm of experienced and skilled trial attorneys who have demonstrated results in fighting fraud and handling complex litigations for corporations and high net worth individuals.Our firm is composed of former law clerks and prosecutors trained at the best law schools and law firms in the country and SM was named one of the top 10 boutique law firms in the US by the National Law Journal.  David Stone was formerly the head of the New Jersey Office of powerhouse law firm Boies, Schiller and Flexner where he was involved in some of the largest fraud and complex litigation cases in history. Robert Magnanini, also a former BSF partner, joined David from Latham & Watkins where he worked closely on high stakes billion dollar civil and criminal matters with Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey who later became Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. David Stone and Robert Magnanini formed SM to specialize in high stakes litigation matters. The SM team of attorneys have taken on and successfully bested some of the largest law firms and fortune 500 companies in the world. SM attorneys are consummate storytellers who construct and present compelling cases on behalf of their clients. Unlike large cumbersome corporate law firms, SM partners collaborate with our clients to master facts and law to educate the Court. SM employs surgical strike litigation aimed at generating a successful result at the earliest possible time.

SM’s boutique structure leaves it relatively free of actual and business conflicts and able to maneuver quickly and efficiently. The firm’s strategic relationships with some of the best attorneys and firms in the country gives it the ability to bring to bear carefully constructed and designed litigation teams without the large overhead faced by larger firms.